Sunday, January 17, 2010

525, 600 minutes

A new year has begun: 2010. A new decade. 365 days...or 525,600 minutes, or 31,556,926 seconds. No matter how I read it, it still amounts up to another year of my life. Another year older, hopefully wiser!

May there be less wars, less crime, less domestic abuse, less sadness. I pray for more love, more tolerance, more peace, more laughter, more compassion in this vast world of ours. Have we not learned anything??

Closer to home, I really intend to finish up my works in progress: namely quilts for family and friends, crafts that I've started ages ago and got distracted with other things. And I've got a nice cosy area to do it all in! Thanks to my great DH! Thank you, sweetie! (I'll post a picture of it as soon as I can!)

Happy New Year everyone!