Saturday, December 5, 2009

A craft fair!

Hello there,

I've been MIA for a while - I actually have a good reason this time: I was rushing to sew lots of crafty things for an upcoming fair! I was counting down the days and finally, it came and went and now I can let out a big "WHEW!" and relax. lol. (Mind you, it was for only a whole day. I'm just being whiny. I do have a lot to learn.)

(Sorry about the pictures, I didn't have enough space to capture the whole table unless taken at an angle! And yes, I realized I had the flower cover up the letter 'I', but not to worry, it was soon rectified after I put the camera away! Hee.)

It was fun and being my first fair, I didn't really know what to expect! It was held at this lovely luxurious retirement home and met some of the sweetest gals there. Young and old. It was a good first experience for me. But sewing something more than twice or thrice really isn't what I call fun. For me, it took the fun out of creating something unique. But I did have lots of different handbags and caught a lot of attention! Even sold a couple of them.

I admire big time craft vendors who can devote 3-4 days with 10hrs or more a day at their booths. That's stamina for you! My hats off to them. So what am I complaining about?!??

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Stay safe and healthy.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things we let go.......

There are so many craft books or blogs out there, to inspire us, to give us that giddy-feeling that we can do it too. We eagerly soak up the ideas, the how-tos, the improvisations.......we go to the fabric stores to hunt for that perfect fabric, that perfect match, the tools........then we rush home to sit down and put that inspiration to work - then after some time, that perfectly matched inspirational piece of hard work is completed! After so many hours of cutting, sewing, ripping seams out, after re-reading the directions (for some of us anyway), we sit back and admire. We look at it with so much pride and feeling of accomplishment - we did it! Whew.

Some of the 'masterpieces' (or at least I'd like to think some of them are! LOL) stay in our loving hands, to be used at home, some of it make its way to friends and other family members. But how do we part with it? It's like a piece of us leaves us.

That's how I feel with some of my craft projects! Do any of you feel this way too?

Stay safe and healthy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new toy

It's here! My new NX 650Q!! I can't get over favorite feature is:.......everything! Someone sure put a lot of thought into this baby..........

Does anyone else have one of these?

Have a great day!


Friday, July 31, 2009

More goodies

When I was little, one could always find me sitting under my mother's Singer treadle sewing machine. Well, kind of - while she was treadling it, I would use my hands to help her go faster! This annoyed her to no end............sorry, mom! As I grew up, I never really got to use a needle and thread, let alone a sewing machine. Until...........

When I was pregnant with my first child (1 of 2 children) I made my first quilt! Wish I had taken a picture of that...and now I can't stop making stuff! If only my mom could see me now...she would be tickled pink!

I'll have all these projects picked out, pages dog eared, patterns sitting on the side, just waiting for me. Sigh, so much fabric, so little time.......... here's favorite.........just love those mini kimonos! I've made them into coasters too........check out my older post.
Thanks for reading! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where have I been?

I'm back! I have been missing for awhile........there's always so much to sew and so little time! Oh dear, well, here is what I've been sewing.......

It was a gift to my dear sis in Australia, she has received it, so it's safe to show and tell! At first it was a bit tricky to do the appliques as there has to be separate pieces for the heels and straps, and ribbons.....but not long after, I was loving it!

I'm sorry if the pictures aren't that clear - not a very good photographer!

Here's another new one! Flat as a pancake! My 4yr old son, simply adores bears. AND pancakes! Hence, a pancake bear! Two loves in one! Hee.

This one is my favorite - pouffy gown appliques. But sadly, it's not with me anymore - it's now in Singapore. Do you ever get attached to a project mid-way and then feel so reluctant to part with it? Well, it's not that big a deal, I tell myself, after all, I CAN make another one for myself! Silly me.

This one is a needlework and applique combination. Then decided against making it into a small wall-hanging. Turned it into a cushion instead for my niece's bed.

Well, that's it for show and tell! I hope you enjoyed it. I really had fun making them. There are lots of UFOs in my sewing corner! So what's new???!

Thanks for reading my blog!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A new quilt!

I'm getting lazy on blogland, but then again, for a good reason: I've been sewing! I got my mojo back! Yay! It went on a vacation and thankfully, it's back! Here's what I completed and am absolutely loving it!

Took me awhile with lots of sore finger tips! But totally worth it. I used Rene Plain's pattern, enlarged it a tad and used it on 6inch blocks.

I used only TWO fat quarters for the 3inch border and another for the binding! I came really close!

The middle block is my favourite: a green dress with lace trimmings and a cute little rose.........

I really didn't have an idea of how it would all turn out as this is one of my first hand applique work. I found that I actually enjoyed it and became quite addicted to it!

Then after piecing all the blocks, sashing and border together, I got really crazy and started embellishment it with flower trim. Even the corners of each block has a tiny flower. Do you think it's over done?

I emailed it to my sisters and now one of them is begging me to make her a similar one! I guess I had better start on it while I still have my mojo!

Have a good one, everyone! Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Show and tell...

It's been a while.....we are so very ready for Spring this corner of the world! I thought I'd do some show and tell in this post.......

I made this ABC quilt for my daughter Amy when she was 1 yr old (she's 7 now) and then it ended up being a wall hanging! How did that happen?? Then there is her decorative pillow with her name appliqued on it - this is my favorite as I did it without a pattern! How did that happen as well?? (Sorry, I know this isn't showing the right way...I can't figure out how to rotate it in this application! arrgh.)

I managed to whip this wall hanging quilt up out from an issue of Australian Country Thread magazine. Wonders will never cease...

I made this birthday quilt wall hanging for Amy when she was 4. Since then, she reminds me to hang it on the wall before her birthday arrives, so she can proudly say "mommy made that for me!"

There are wonderful projects and tons of beautiful pictures in this magazine. My sister who lives in Victoria, Australia, decided I should keep busy while waiting for the baby to arrive, so she started me on this great magazine. Boy, am I a big fan of it! (I wish I could subscribe to it here in the US economically but then again, there is my sister!) Thank you, Mod!

Stay safe, everyone!


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Some time back, a nice gal on 'Allsorts' blog gave this freebie pattern. Isn't he cute? I've made quite a few since, giving him away to family and friends. I've made them in mostly Repro'30's fabrics. And they've been much loved.

I haven't got a real Scottie, my beloved beagle won't allow it!

Hope a nice day comes your way today! Thank goodness we're having a sunny day today.....


Monday, February 9, 2009

It's my birthday!

Oh no, another year bites the dust! It's all in the head, as they say......the head that is sprouting grey hairs as we speak! To make up for it, I had presents of the best kind: cash!!! Yeah!

I tried something new the other day: a fabric journal. The fun part was choosing the theme and the fabrics! Embellishing those pages got quite addictive too. The new owner of this particular journal likes it. I just might make another one!

Have a good one, everyone!


Monday, February 2, 2009

6 more weeks of winter!

I recently made a little Japanese coaster for a crafty blog friend - Pink Penguin I'm so glad she likes it! You have to check out her blog as well, she's such a talented and sweet person!

I've just opened my little business in - let's hope orders start trickling in........what better way to finance my little 'passion for fabrics'?? :) Hee hee....

Following tradition in Punxsutawney, a small town in Pennsylvania, the groundhog communicated his prediction to Bill Cooper, a top-hatted town elder who claims to be the only person in the world to speak "Groundhogese". Since 1887, Phil has seen his shadow 97 times, hasn't seen it 15 times, and there are no records for nine years, according to the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. The town, which this year attracted fans of the event from Japan, Iceland and Egypt, claims Phil has always been correct.

Seems like we're in for another 6 weeks of winter this side of the world! I am so ready for Spring! Cold hands, cold feet.........brrrr! But what a lovely excuse to be sitting by the warm crackling fire snuggled under a warm quilt with a mug of hot chocolate!

Thanks for visiting! Come safe! Oh, stay tuned for a giveaway very first!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby steps....

I started a blog last year to coincide with a stitching angel swap - then halfway down the journey, I was caught up with the creative aspect of it, causing me to neglect the blog.
What do I do now? Ignore it? Start afresh?

I decided to start afresh - hoping that this time, I'll keep it alive. This time I'll teach myself how to do a proper job, going techy.............and keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be a procastinator! Baby steps first............

There're a ton of extremely talented ladies out there in the blogging world, who do beautiful work - I want to pay homage to them who are constantly found inspiring others, such as myself, to think outside the box, to be a little bit like them (keeping my fingers crossed!) and to share it with all who come and visit my little corner of craft!

I hope you'll like it here.............