Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things we let go.......

There are so many craft books or blogs out there, to inspire us, to give us that giddy-feeling that we can do it too. We eagerly soak up the ideas, the how-tos, the improvisations.......we go to the fabric stores to hunt for that perfect fabric, that perfect match, the tools........then we rush home to sit down and put that inspiration to work - then after some time, that perfectly matched inspirational piece of hard work is completed! After so many hours of cutting, sewing, ripping seams out, after re-reading the directions (for some of us anyway), we sit back and admire. We look at it with so much pride and feeling of accomplishment - we did it! Whew.

Some of the 'masterpieces' (or at least I'd like to think some of them are! LOL) stay in our loving hands, to be used at home, some of it make its way to friends and other family members. But how do we part with it? It's like a piece of us leaves us.

That's how I feel with some of my craft projects! Do any of you feel this way too?

Stay safe and healthy!